Friday, April 15, 2011

moving past failure

yesterday, day 2, was okay. i abstained from eating between meals and only ate when i was hungry but i feel like i ate to much at my meals so that is an area i am going to need to work on.
today i have already messed up even though i was telling myself you do not need that you have already had breakfast i ate it anyway. I am feeling confused and sad today cause i am so torn i have some huge decisions to make in my life and it is a decision that will change the entire course of my life but i am starting to think it is a very necessary decision to make. I am really going to try to not eat my feelings today. its okay to feel sad and its okay to feel confused and angry i need to let myself feel these feelings so that i will know its okay and i will make it and God will be with me and see me through whatever this crazy life throws at me. I am just praying that when the time comes to make my decision God shows me what i need to do and gives me strength to do what is necessary.
so my goals today are to abstain from overeating for the remainder of the day and to allow myself to feel whatever i need to feel and know that its okay.

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