Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have never done this before so here I go!
Today was just like any other sunday we got up went to church than lunch at the mexican resturant. I always enjoy brother Tim's sermons but today really got me thinking! He spoke on change and you see I dont like change at all, it scares me. I like things to stay the same so i know what i can expect with no surprises.
But is change really so bad? Not all changes are bad right? Is that part of the reason I wont allow myself to lose weight? I know what to do to get healthy but it would require a lot of changes, I think maybe i have hit the nail on the head LOL!!!

So i guess i am going to be blogging on my weight loss journey, my spiritual journey and how they both fit together. I have always been taught that my body is a temple and a home for Jesus Christ so why do i mistreat it? Why do I not see my body as a dwelling for my Lord and Savior and why do I not think it is important to treat it with respect?

Well thats enough to chew on for today LOL
goodnight and God bless!!!!